The Chieftaincies of Fanad & Banagh Today.
The Chiefly line of Fanad.  Historians and Heralds believe that the Chiefly line of Fanad disappeared prior to 1800 and in his "1835 Ordnance  Survey Letters - Donegal"  Dr. John O Donovan, reveals "that the heir of Fanaid" in 1835 was Eamonn Rua Mac Sweeney Doe, Head of the House of Doe. Cf. John O Donovan's letters from Rathmullan, Aug. 30, 1835, and from Dunfanaghy, Sept. 5, 1835.  
(Note. The Chiefly line of Doe descends from the Chiefly line of Fanad, cf., "Mac Sweeney" , "Mac Sweeney Doe" , by Fergus Gillespie, Chief Herald of Ireland, on this web site.)
The Chiefly line of Banagh. According to the folk tradition of south Donegal the last two male descendants of the Chiefly line of Banagh died in Teelin towards the end of the 19th century.

Gaelic Noble Families. For information re the history, from earliest times to the present day, of some 20 families descended from the great Gaelic noble families of Ireland see Peter Berresford Ellis'  revised and enlarged edition of: "ERIN'S BLOOD ROYAL - The Gaelic Noble Dynasties of Ireland", published in the U.S. by Palgrave, 2002.  

The following families are included:

Kingdom of Munster.
Mac Carthy Mór (Desmond)
O Callaghan
O Carroll of Ely
O Donoghue of the Glens
O Donovan of Clan Cathail
O Long of Garranelongy
Mac Gillycuddy of the Reek

The Kingdom of Munster (Thomond)
O Brien
O Grady

The Kingdom of Connaught
O Conor Sligo
O Conor Roe
O Conor Don.
Mac Dermot
O Ruairc            

The Kingdom of Leinster
Mac Murrough Kavanagh
O Morchoe

The Kingdom of Ulster
O Neill Tyrone
O Neill Clanaboy
Mac Donnell of the Glens
O Donel
Mac Guire
Mac Sweeney Doe

The Chiefly families of Mac Sweeney Fanad and Mac Sweeney Banagh are not in Peter Berresford Ellis' "Erin's Blood Royal" because no Sweeney claiming descent from Fanad or Banagh has established proof of descent from either Chiefly family or "made any official approach to the Chief Herald of Ireland for courtesy recognition (as Chief of the Name) and none has been given". Cf. Peter Berresford Ellis, "Erin's Blood Royal", New York: Palgrave. 2002, p 293.

[Note. John O Donovan's "Ordnance Survey Letters - Donegal" containing "information relative to the Antiquities of the County of Donegal collected during the progress of the Ordnance Survey in 1835" published by Four Masters Press, Dublin 2000,  was launched by Mr. Bertie Ahearn, T.D., Taoiseach/ Prime Minister. Foreword by Donegal playwright Brien Freel.  Editor: Prof. Michael Herrity MRIA.]   

                                                              December 27, 2003.