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A Mac Sweeney Clan Chief, believed to be Eoghan Óg Mac Sweeney, Chief of Doe, 1570 - 1596, with Kerne and horse-boy, preparing to go on a raid.  Drawn in Donegal by Derricke and published 1581 in his "Image of Ireland".

Eoghan Óg is regarded as the pre-eminent Mac Sweeney Doe. Foster father to Red Hugh O Donnell, he gave refuge and help to the survivors of the Spanish Armada, 1588, and protection to O Ruairc of Breifne driven from his territory because he helped the Spanish.

Eoghan Óg's death is recorded in the Annals of the Four Masters, under the year 1596, as follows:  
"Mac Sweeney-na-dTuath, namely Eoghan Óg, the son of Eoghan, son of Donal, an affluent bountiful man, who incurred neither reproach nor disrespect from the time he assumed the government of his territory to the day of his death, a valiant warlike man, benevolent and humane, brave in the conflict, successful in attacks, pre-eminent for good council, in peace and in war, died on the 26th of January and his brother's son, namely, Maolmhuire, the son of Murrough Mall, assumed his place."

Site maintained by lineal descendants of "the son of Murrough Mall, namely,  Maolmhuire" /Sir Myles Mac Sweeney, Chief of Doe, 1596 - 1630.

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